121 new Covid-19 cases, 144 patients recover

There were 121 new cases of Covid-19, while 144 patients have recovered, the Health Authorities said.

In all, the number of cases registered in Malta is now 11,101, with 166 deaths.

The nummber of patients who have recovered from the virus is 9,079, which means that the number of active cases is 1,856.

The health authorities said that 3,033 swab tests were carried out, for a total of 461,770.

The cases recorded today are still being investigated.


Of the cases reported on Friday, 19 were of family members, 14 of work colleagues, eight from direct contacts with infected persons and two from social gatherings.

121 new covid 19 cases 144 patients recover - 121 new Covid-19 cases, 144 patients recover

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