318 sites confirmed as safe by architects, number rising rapidly – Ian Borg
, 318 sites confirmed as safe by architects, number rising rapidly – Ian Borg

There are 318 sites that have been confirmed by an architect as safe and that there is no danger, and works have continued, Minister for Infrastructure Ian Borg said.

The Minister was speaking at a press conference called to clear up a number of issues raised by a number of organisations with regards to the recently published legal notice on construction.


Although there is no real number available, Borg said that there were around 2,500 building sites spread out across the island.

He insisted that the government’s priority is to safeguard the health and safety of the people and third-party properties.

Borg also said that a number of method statements have started coming in, which he said proves that it does not require months to draw the statements up.

With regards to licensed construction workers, he said that the government took a conscious decision to give them the possibility to regularize any payment arrears pending.

Having met with the Kamra tal-Periti on Thursday, he noted how “neither side held back” when discussing the recent reform.

Borg said that as a result of said meeting a list of questions and answers are being published to clear up any issues that came up.

A meeting was also held with engineers, where the engineers said that there are areas, such as the position of the site technical officer, where they are competent to hold such a position, including the MCAST graduates in a separate communication with the head of the faculty.

Speaking at the press conference, Parliamentary Secretary for Planning Chris Agius said that in the coming days there will be starting an agency which will regulate the construction industry so that eventually there will be an authority which looks to the interests of the industry.


Meeting with KTP

In a statement, the Chamber of Architects (KTP) said it had accepted the government’s offer for a meeting on Thursday afternoon. “During this meeting, which lasted almost three hours, the Kamra outlined in detail the several issues in the regulations and the positions voted upon in the Extraordinary General Meeting held on Friday 21 June. The Kamra also expressed its deep concern for public safety due to conflicts between the Civil Code and the new regulations, and the confusion surrounding the apportionment of responsibilities.”

The KTP said it had also insisted on the urgency for the setting up of a system of registration of contractors so members of the public, and periti themselves, can begin to regain confidence in the industry.

“It was agreed that further meetings would occur in the next few days during which amendments to the new regulations will be proposed by the Kamra together with its team of legal consultants for Government’s consideration.”

The Kamra tal-Periti reiterated its commitment to assist Government in fulfilling its intention to bring about a positive reform of the industry in the interest of public safety.

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