78 new cases of Covid-19 found; 22 recover

78 new cases of Covid-19 were registered over the past 24 hours, the health authorities said.

22 people recovered over that period.

There are currently 465 active cases out of a total of 2,352. There have been 1872 recoveries so far.

15 people who were positive for Covid-19 have died.


A total of 2407 swab tests were performed between Saturday and Sunday, for a total of 215, 290.

The health authorities said 24 of the new cases are residents and staff from St Joseph Home Fgura. The rest of Sunday’s cases are being investigated.

From Saturday’s cases, 5 were family members of previously known cases. 2 cases were work colleagues. 1 case was a direct contact of another positive case. 1 case was from a social gathering with other positive cases. 8 cases are from St Joseph Home.

78 new cases of covid 19 found 22 recover - 78 new cases of Covid-19 found; 22 recover

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