Air Malta Calls For COVID-19 Rapid Testing Before Flight Departure
air malta calls for covid 19 rapid testing before flight departure - Air Malta Calls For COVID-19 Rapid Testing Before Flight Departure

Air Malta is supporting the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) calls for the development and deployment of COVID-19 rapid testing for all passengers before flight departure.

This incentive is being proposed as an alternative to mandatory quarantine and to re-establish global air connectivity.

“The industry is in desperate need of a solution to bring back trust in travel. The key to restoring the freedom of mobility across borders is through the systematic testing for COVID-19 of all travelers before flight departure,” Air Malta chairman Charles Mangion said.

“Testing upon departure will give governments the confidence to open their borders without having to continuously run risk models and frequently change the rules imposed on travel.”

Air Malta has designed a LifeLine flight schedule for winter 2020/2021 to guarantee flight connectivity and to ensure the flow of cargo and medical supplied to the islands.

“We are seeing a daily reduction in passenger traffic and are constantly making changes to our network to have the right balance between demand and capacity,” Air Malta CCO Paul Sies added.

“We critically need structured testing on the departure of every single passenger using new and rapid test methodologies. Only by implementing such systems can we restore confidence and get people to travel again.”

The calls for pre-departure rapid testing are being supported by 25 European aviation industry associations, who co-signed a letter to the President of the European Commission.

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