Alfred Sant: ‘Negative Coverage Doesn’t Mean Foreign Press Part Of A Systematic Attack Against Malta’
alfred sant negative coverage doesnt mean foreign press part of a systematic attack against malta - Alfred Sant: ‘Negative Coverage Doesn’t Mean Foreign Press Part Of A Systematic Attack Against Malta’

With Malta making news recently in almost every major city around the world,  former Prime Minister Alfred Sant has urged people not to reach the conclusion that the foreign press have some kind of systematic agenda against Malta or the Labour Party.

Posing the question of whether or not foreign media was working against Labour, Sant took to Facebook to share his thoughts on the matter.

“It is true that the stories about Malta have been negative in recent weeks, but by this we cannot conclude that [the foreign press] are taking part in a systematic attack against the country.”

“First of all, all journalists focus most on unusual stories, and we cannot deny that Malta has had many unusual development,” he said. “Secondly, the government and its supporters left the agenda wide open because this all revolved around the murder of a journalist, something which will obviously greatly interest journalists.”

“What happened is that the people who came from overseas to report about Malta were closest to people who had every interest in portraying everything negatively.”

Sant’s comment comes a day after Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s wife Michelle slammed “the media” for always working against her and her husband. 

Malta has featured prominently on multiple international news platforms since Yorgen Fenech was arrested in connection with the car bomb assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The businessman has since been arraigned and has implicated the Prime Minister’s now-former chief of staff Keith Schembri in the murder.

Meanwhile, Joseph Muscat, who Schembri once described as his best friend, has announced he will resign as Prime Minister and PL leader next month

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