Another Batch Of ‘Missed’ Keith Schembri Assets Just Got Frozen, Matthew Caruana Galizia Says
another batch of missed keith schembri assets just got frozen matthew caruana galizia says - Another Batch Of ‘Missed’ Keith Schembri Assets Just Got Frozen, Matthew Caruana Galizia Says

Despite being released on police bail moments ago, Keith Schembri has just had another batch of his assets frozen, investigative reporter Matthew Caruana Galizia has announced.

“Second asset freeze ordered against Keith Schembri, targeting those assets missing from the first request,” Caruana Galizia tweeted out at around 9.30pm. “The AG is saying it was illegal to leak the first list. But if that hadn’t been done, the public wouldn’t have been able to contribute the names of missing assets.”

The first asset freeze missed entities that have been in the public domain, thanks to the work of the ICIJ and my mum, for almost five years,” Caruana Galizia followed up. “Not a good sign that they were missed.”

Yesterday’s court order to freeze Schembri’s assets included more than 100 companies, his spouse, his business partners and other relatives… but had some very noticeable omissions.

Last night, the disgraced former Chief of Staff’s assets were frozen, a couple of hours before he was arrested and taken to the police depot for what would end up being around 20 hours of questioning.

However, Schembri’s daughter was missing from the court order’s long list of companies and names, which included several family members of those linked to the case, and even extended to a baby born in 2020, another in 2018 and another in 2017.

This new list of frozen assets is however expected to include other people and companies.

With the Police still silent on most of what went down today, Schembri is now out on police bail.

What do you make of this latest development?

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