Architect Flags Birgu Wall At Risk Of Collapse
architect flags birgu wall at risk of collapse - Architect Flags Birgu Wall At Risk Of Collapse

Malta-based architect Chris Briffa flagged a derelict house in Birgu whose wall seems to be close to collapsing.

“This wall is in imminent danger of collapse,” Briffa wrote.

“Kunsill Lokali Birgu please take urgent action with owners or Civil Protection and avoid a community tragedy!”

Malta has seen its fair share of collapsed buildings throughout the past years. Two people have died in construction-related collapses in 2020.

The latest case involved an Isla couple whose bedroom ceiling collapsed onto them as they were asleep. Not only did the couple sustain a number of injuries, but they were also forced to temporarily relocate to different accommodation in Msida.

Last July, Sarjo Conteh, a 32-year old construction worker, was killed in Bormla in yet another construction-related collapse. A Maltese man was injured in this same incident.

Miriam Pace’s tragic death shook the nation back in March, after her home, which neighbours an excavation site, came tumbling down.

What do you make of this?

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