Awesome! Entrepreneurial 10-Year-Old Maltese Girl Is Creating Bespoke, Colourful Jewellery

Tammy Consiglio always loved art, creating little objects ever since she was six – but when she discovered clay, she literally couldn’t keep her hands away.

Today, aged 10, the Maltese youth has launched her very own online business selling her impressive wares – welcome to the world of Tam’s Creative. 

Tam’s Creative started off with items like clay charms and paintings, but the company has already expanded to include more grown-up jewellery and wares which goes under the name Tam’s Trinkets.

And people are loving it, with orders flying in for a range of products for months now, from her Harry Potter-inspired range to her love heart charms and so much more.

“I always wanted to showcase work,” Tammy told Lovin Malta. “My parents created a Facebook page where they would upload pictures of my crafts.”

She recounts discovering polymer clay and becoming “an instant fan” of the material.

“Then I started posting pictures of my charm and people started asking me to make them things… and here I am now!”

Her parents are super proud of Tammy, and are supporting her in every endeavour.

“Tammy is a very sweet and kind girl – she is extremely artistic and always has been, spending every minute of her free time either sketching, painting or crafting,” her mother told Lovin Malta. “She’s a sharp kid and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit… and she knows what she wants and she works very hard to make whatever she has her mind set on happening.”

Tam’s focused on expanding her creations now – and one day hopes to open a physical shop.

“My goal is to maybe one day have a shop but mostly I enjoy the feedback I get for my product,” she ended. “I put a lot of effort and time into making them so it’s a great feeling when people enjoy them and want to buy more. I kind of never expected to get here so I am very excited and grateful!”

You can get your hands on Tammy’s creations by following this link.

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awesome entrepreneurial 10 year old maltese girl is creating bespoke colourful jewellery - Awesome! Entrepreneurial 10-Year-Old Maltese Girl Is Creating Bespoke, Colourful Jewellery
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