Bernard Grech Says Malta Should Vaccinate At Least 5,000 Against COVID-19 Everyday 
bernard grech says malta should vaccinate at least 5000 against covid 19 everyday - Bernard Grech Says Malta Should Vaccinate At Least 5,000 Against COVID-19 Everyday 

Opposition leader Bernard Grech has urged the government to speed up its COVID-19 vaccination rollout, warning the current rate is far too slow. 

“The Health Minister said 13,000 people will have received their first dose by Monday, which means that unless we improve the rhythm it will take longer than a year to vaccinate everyone,” Grech said during an interview on Reno Bugeja Jistaqsi, MaltaToday’s new interview show spearheaded by the former PBS head of news.

“Let’s be more transparency and have a faster rollout and stop taking people for a ride. I’d tell people there are logistical issues but not say it will be business as usual by May, when we know it won’t be the case. Stop taking people for a ride.”

“Rather than just keep talking about how we’re the first or the best, let’s see what’s happening on the ground. Rather than investing our time in taking people for a ride, let’s invest it in telling people the truth so we can have a faster rollout because we ultimately need the vaccine to return to normality.”

“Let’s be pleased with what’s good but let’s be honest too. If we don’t realize that things can be improved, we’ll just stay praising each other and won’t move forward. To move forward we must say the rollout can be better.”

Amidst rising concerns about the lack of transparency about the vaccine rollout, Health Minister Chris Fearne said yesterday that Malta has so far received 26,550 doses of a vaccine produced by Pfizer and BioNTech, as well as a tiny consignment of vaccines produced by Moderna.

Malta is following Pfizer’s advice and stockpiling half of these vaccines to be administered in a second dose after a three-week gap, which means 13,275 doses will have been administered by Monday and the first batch of second doses will be administered on Sunday.

What do you make of Bernard Grech’s statement?

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