Bernard Grech Warns Of ‘Coordinated Attack’ From Labour Party, Insists He Is Following COVID-19 Protocol
bernard grech warns of coordinated attack from labour party insists he is following covid 19 protocol - Bernard Grech Warns Of ‘Coordinated Attack’ From Labour Party, Insists He Is Following COVID-19 Protocol

PN leader hopeful Bernard Grech has reacted to several Labour ministers’ jabs that he isn’t following COVID-19 protocols, despite his wife being diagnosed with the virus a few days prior.

“I was never put into mandatory quarantine by health authorities, as my wife had isolated herself from our family on September 17th after a case emerged at the gym she attended,” he clarified.

She had no symptoms at that time, Grech continued, and while a COVID-19 test done on the 18th came out negative, she continued to isolate until a second test on the 21st found her positive for the virus. Then, she was placed in mandatory quarantine.

“However, self-isolation was not imposed on me or my children, because our last contact was when she didn’t display any symptoms and when she had tested negative,” he explained.

Grech says he did quarantine voluntarily before the results of COVID-19 swab tests done on the 23rd and 25th, which both resulted negative.

Yesterday, three ministers who spent time in quarantine called out Grech for resuming his physical PN leadership campaign while his wife tested positive for coronavirus. 

Economy Minister Silvio Schembri, Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia and Energy Minister Michael Farrugia all confirmed that they spent or are spending two weeks in quarantine as per advice from the health authorities.

The Labour Ministers questioned why Grech was resuming his campaign although his wife had tested positive for the virus a few days ago.

“It seems that another coordinated campaign from the Labour Party has begun to spread rumours about me,” the PN candidate warned.

What do you make of this?

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