Bjorn Formosa Urges People To Give Jason Micallef Another Chance: ‘We All Make Mistakes’
bjorn formosa urges people to give jason micallef another chance we all make mistakes - Bjorn Formosa Urges People To Give Jason Micallef Another Chance: ‘We All Make Mistakes’

ALS activist Bjorn Formosa has urged people to give Jason Micallef “the opportunity to start a fresh page” after the Valletta Cultural Agency chairman denounced him as “vile” for his criticism of the organisation of state charities.

We all make mistakes, we all can say not so politically correct comments,” Formosa wrote on Facebook today. “Mr. Jason Micallef has received enough feedback for his comments. Let’s now move on and give him the opportunity to start a fresh page.”

On Friday, Formosa criticised the Malta Community Chest Fund for announcing a summer version of the Boxing show telethon L-Istrina just a week before his own fundraiser to build a large community home for people with neurological conditions.

He warned the MCCF has practically ruined any chances he had of holding a successful fundraiser and announced that the Dar Bjorn 2 project would have to come to a premature end.

Micallef, who is also the chairman of ONE TV, then hit out at the activist, accusing him of attacking L-Istrina.

“One must be beyond vile to attack L-Istrina on social media when you benefitted and are still benefiting from thousands raised by L-Istrina and from the state itself,” he said, a comment which sparked widespread outrage.

Formosa then responded that the MCCF stopped funding his treatment in March on the grounds that he was already receiving government funds, even though such funds weren’t going towards his personal care but towards his Dar Bjorn 2 project.

In his post today, Formosa clarified that he needs to foot a monthly bill of around €6000-€7000 to fund his care, of which “a good part” is paid by Aġenzija Sapport but the rest of which requires him to find monthly funding.

He said Prime Minister Robert Abela and Minister Carmelo Abela, who is in charge of broadcasting, has been informed of the problem caused by the clash in telethons and said he is awaiting their decision on the way forward.

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