Blooming Minds: Ecotherapy outdoor sessions in nature

Blooming Minds: Ecotherapy outdoor sessions in nature

blooming minds ecotherapy outdoor sessions in nature - Blooming Minds: Ecotherapy outdoor sessions in natureBirdLife Malta has announced that with in collaboration with the Richmond Foundation, it is to deliver Malta’s first ecotherapy programme of outdoor sessions in nature that enhances mental well-being and environmental values.

BirdLife Malta’s “Blooming Minds” project was placed third at The Malta Social Impact Awards 2018 held on Thursday.

They said that Blooming Minds – which will be a first for Malta, will create opportunities for people with mental health problems to spend time in nature, enjoy its therapeutic effect and improve their mental health.

BLM said that back in July the joint project was chosen to go through to the Award semi-finals together with 11 other projects from a total of 35 applications submitted.

In a further shortlisting at the end of October, the project then made it to the final round when the six finalists were announced.

These finalists were then nvited to pitch their projects to the panel of judges as well as the audience, and the winners were announced at the end of last night’s ceremony.

The BirdLife Malta and Richmond Foundation project was awarded a grant of €17,000 which they said, “will help us develop an engaging and inclusive programme of outdoor sessions that will work to improve people’s mental health as well as foster an appreciation for the environment and the benefits of spending time in nature.”

This year’s winning project at the Awards is “Growing Generations Together” which was submitted by Centru Tbexbix. “Step up for Parkinson’s” was placed second ahead of BirdLife Malta in third place.

Photograph: Sean Mallia

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