BREAKING: Plea bargaining being considered in Yorgen Fenech arrest

The police are mulling the idea of offering a plea bargaining deal in Yorgen Fenech’s arrest, sources have told The Malta Independent.

The 17 Black owner was arrested early on Wednesday morning as part of the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder investigation. He was intercepted by the Armed Forces of Malta shortly after he sailed out of the Portomaso marina and was taken to the police headquarters for questioning.


Fenech was expected to be arraigned late on Thursday evening, shortly before the 48-hour window elapses, but was released on police bail. On Friday morning, he was escorted back to his yacht at the Portomaso marina, where officers conducted a new search.

Fenech was wearing a black coat and trousers as well as black sunglasses. The marina was kept closed all through the morning while the police were conducting the search, and was re-opened at around noon.

Fenech was later rearrested and escorted to the police headquarters, where the interrogation resumed.

breaking plea bargaining being considered in yorgen fenech arrest - BREAKING: Plea bargaining being considered in Yorgen Fenech arrest

Sources said that the idea of a plea bargain was brought up during this second round of questioning. A plea bargain is an agreement between a suspect and the prosecution where the former admits to a crime in return for some form of concession or a lesser sentence.

It is unknown at this time whether Fenech will accept the offer.

Last week, a suspected middleman was arrested by police, with the Prime Minister later confirming that a presidential pardon could be granted should the information provided be corroborated by the courts.

Muscat said on Thursday, however, that Fenech’s arrest did not come as a result of information given by the middleman.

The latter was admitted to hospital with chest pains this morning but was discharged at around 7.30pm. He is still under police protection.

Sources also confirmed that the middleman has provided evidence that includes recordings of phone conversations and messages which indicate all the protagonists taking part in Caruana Galizia’s assassination.

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