Christoper Nolan’s New Blockbuster Has Sound So Bad That This Maltese Cinema Is Offering It With Subtitles

After months of absence, Hollywood movies are finally making their way back onto the big screen. But with what’s on show at the moment, you might as well stay at home and read a book.

The first major release since the pandemic is none other than Christopher Nolan’s highly-anticipated action blockbuster Tenet.

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And while the film is high entertaining, it’s far from a Nolan masterpiece, with many saying it’s probably his worst release to date.

And besides the actual plot and all its holes or inexplicable ties, there’s also the fact that the muffled dialogue between characters is literally impossible to make out and has resulted in moviegoers being disillusioned into believing that it has to do with poor cinema acoustics for a whopping two and a half hours.

So much so, that Malta’s Eden Cinemas has had to add a subtitled version of the film to one of its theatres. 

christoper nolans new blockbuster has sound so bad that this maltese cinema is offering it with subtitles - Christoper Nolan’s New Blockbuster Has Sound So Bad That This Maltese Cinema Is Offering It With Subtitles

Malta’s biggest cinema complex has dedicated a whole cinema to offering Tenet with subtitles so that customers have a shot at understanding the shoddy dialogue throughout the film.

“I was told by friends who had been to watch it that I should absolutely choose the option with subtitles, and I definitely don’t regret it,” an avid film buff told Lovin Malta.

“It might’ve not been as bad as I expected what with everyone saying they couldn’t understand anything, but in between the loud soundtrack/effects and a bunch of people wearing masks throughout the film, I’m very glad I had subtitles to read. The story is already complicated as is without having to try too hard to understand what everyone’s saying!”

But if you’re going to the movies to read subtitles, you might as well stay home and read a book.

While the film provides some much-needed entertainment during this artistic drought, it definitely is a Nolan mindfuck in more ways than one. 

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