Comodini Cachia Set To Land Human Rights Portfolio As PN Pushes More Liberal Agenda
comodini cachia set to land human rights portfolio as pn pushes more liberal agenda - Comodini Cachia Set To Land Human Rights Portfolio As PN Pushes More Liberal Agenda

Therese Comodini Cachia will be appointed as the PN spokesperson for Human Rights as part of Leader Bernard Grech’s major Shadow Cabinet reshuffle, well-informed sources have told Lovin Malta. 

The move, sources said, is an indication that the PN is ready to push for a far more liberal agenda under the stewardship of Grech.  The portfolio will cover civil liberties and a wider interpretation of human rights.

Comodini Cachia was one of the main candidates for the PN leadership, putting her name forward as a challenger to Adrian Delia amid a major leadership crisis. Grech eventually won out and defeated Delia in an election last October.

A final list of Grech’s Shadow Cabinet is expected to be released tomorrow. However, sources have suggested that several other MPs could land key roles.

Sources claim that Claudio Grech will be responsible for drawing up the PN’s manifesto as part of a wide-ranging portfolio. Grech’s new role gives a clear indication that the PN is in election mode, despite Prime Minister Robert Abela’s insistence that his government will last the full legislature.

Kristy Debono is expected to be appointed the PN spokesperson for the economy, while Karl Gouder and Claudette Buttigieg will be responsible for local councils and social policy respectively. 

Jason Azzopardi will likely lose the justice portfolio. It is unclear what role he will land. However, a Times of Malta report has suggested he will be responsible for employment and competitiveness. 

Bernard Grech will create two separate portfolios to handle the COVID-19 pandemic and its wider impact on the country. One spokesperson will be directly responsible for the handling of the pandemic, while another will focus on the recovery and will include tourism.

It is still unclear what Grech will do with the current PN spokesperson for health Stephen Spiteri. Spiteri has taken a backseat in recent years ever since Lovin Malta exposed that he was selling medical certificates to patients without seeing them.

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