Coronavirus: Dialogue remains key but action is urgent – Chamber of Commerce
coronavirus dialogue remains key but action is urgent chamber of commerce - Coronavirus: Dialogue remains key but action is urgent - Chamber of Commerce

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry said today it has continued to push for active dialogue with a view to strike agreement on workable solutions for businesses and their employees in the current uncertain circumstances characterised by the COVID-19 pandemic and the related economic repercussions.

Together with the other employer organisations, the Malta Chamber yesterday evening participated in a cordial meeting with the Honourable Prime Minister, in a bid to keep an open conversation about the assistance required by businesses at this very challenging time. “An open channel of dialogue is certainly the way forward” said President David Xuereb.


“As a Chamber, and together with our fellow social partners, we shall continue to explain the hardships that currently being experienced by our businesses as well as their employees, and push for adequate support that will not only assist them to weather the storm, but more importantly ensure they are in fighting shape to grow once the worst is over”.

In its reaction to a poorly-received support stimulus launched by Government on Wednesday night, the Malta Chamber said that employees would be the biggest losers if support was not increased. The Malta Chamber is committed to continue working with its members, Malta’s major employers, as well as with the other employer bodies and the workers’ unions, in a concerted effort to pull through this difficult time, successfully.

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