Coronavirus: Government failing to protect health of population – MAM
, Coronavirus: Government failing to protect health of population – MAM

The government is failing to protect the health of the population by overruling the advice of professionals about Coronavirus, the Medical Association of Malta said.

In a press conference this morning, president Martin Balzan said that with regard to flights from Italy, only residents in Malta should be allowed to board flights from Lombardy, Veneto and E,ilia Romagna.

MAM strongly urged the government to mandatorily quarantine all residents who have been on flights from North Italy “where the epidemic is out of control”.


Mandatory quarantine should mean frequent spot checks and heavy fines for failing to comply. “Such behaviour puts thousands of people’s health at risk in this capricious manner,” Balzan said.

All medical experts have been asking for this measure to be adopted for flights from northern Italy, but this has been overruled by politicians, Balzan said.

The government should out short term economic consequences aside and give priority to health matters.

MAM said it supported the idea of workers working from home. The government should pay for quarantine leave in the private sector, unless reckless individual behaviour is noted.

Patients returning from these areas with temperature and respiratory symptoms should not go to their doctor or health centre or hospital; they should stay at home and phone for advice, Balzan said.

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