corradino prisoners volunteer at animal sanctuary as part of rehabilitation project - Corradino Prisoners Volunteer At Animal Sanctuary As Part Of Rehabilitation Project

Prisoners from the Corradino Correctional Facility volunteered at the Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) sanctuary as part of a rehabilitation project.

This follows the signing of an agreement by the Agency for Correctional Facilities and the AAA which seeks to help prisoners integrate back into society.

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri and the Prime Minister’s wife Lydia Abela visited the sanctuary to witness the prisoners’ work.

“I was struck by how much they love what they’re doing,” Camilleri said.

“While it’s important to emphasise discipline, we should also think about what happens after a sentence ends to ensure that prisoners reintegrate with society and do not become victims a second time.”

“These initiatives are priceless.”

Abela emphasised the importance of this incentive in aiding prisoners’ rehabilitation process.

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