Culture And Entertainment Sector’s Parliamentary Petition Signed By 4,250 People In 24 Hours

A petition calling on authorities to present a plan for the reopening of the culture and entertainment sector has been signed by 4,250 in less than 24 hours. 

A parliamentary petition was submitted yesterday as a part of a campaign by industry professionals, who are calling on the government, specifically the health authorities, to come forward with a plan for the reopening of the sector. 

Behind the campaign are “thousands of highly-skilled individuals whose businesses and livelihoods have been seriously damaged, many of whom have unluckily been sidelined for several months”. 

, Culture And Entertainment Sector’s Parliamentary Petition Signed By 4,250 People In 24 Hours

“With Malta just weeks away from successfully vaccinating the whole adult population, we are disappointed that we’re being denied the liberty to protect our livelihoods and get back to work,” the group said in a Facebook post yesterday. 

Restart is calling on public health authorities to “explore all possibilities for the safe and successful reopening of the entertainment industry, just as it did with all other sectors of the economy”. 

Since going into semi-lockdown back in March, Malta has seen active COVID-19 cases plument. There in fact currently 84 active cases, with the number of new cases registered having remained in single digits for the last weeks. 

While Malta has allowed restaurants and certain establishments to reopen, albeit with some restrictions, bars have been ordered to remain closed for the time being. 

Earlier this week, Valletta Cultural Agency chair Jason Micallef announced that public outdoor cultural activities will not be allowed until September. 

Authorities have also banned DJs from performing bars, restaurants or even lidos, with Superindent for Public Health Charmaine Gauci arguing that authorities did not want restaurants to turn into clubs. 

While many would agree that a gradual reopening is necessary, in view of the fact that the virus is still spreading across Europe, the industry has been left frustrated by the fact that it has not been provided with any information as how and why certain decisions are being taken. 

Many described the decision to ban DJs as absurd, pointing out that DJs play different genres of music and one could not assume that any DJ set will inevitably result in a crowded party. 

Have you signed the petition?

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