Daniel Cilia photo sparks ‘we-did-it-first’ battle on Facebook

, Daniel Cilia photo sparks ‘we-did-it-first’ battle on Facebook

A photograph uploaded by renowned Gozitan photographer Daniel Cilia has led to a petty, parochial battle on Facebook in the usual “we-did-it-first” Maltese – and Gozitan – style.

The picture shows Santa Marija decorations hanging by ropes attached to a crane. It was taken in Victoria, and Cilia captioned it “Only in Gozo – a crane used as part of the festa decorations!


His remark was taken to mean that it was the first time that someone had the bright idea to hang feast decorations making use of a crane – and the comments beneath Cilia’s post quickly turned into a chase to find out who did it first.

Someone mentioned Hamrun, another Mqabba, and someone else Qrendi and Zurrieq. Another person with Gozitan pride mentioned Kercem.

Others looked at the photo with more cynicism, writing that cranes have become part of our culture and skyline considering the booming construction industry. If they’re there, why not use them, someone commented.

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