Dar Tal-Providenza Will Vet Adrian Delia’s €500,000 Donation On Behalf Of Tunisian Trading Group
, Dar Tal-Providenza Will Vet Adrian Delia’s €500,000 Donation On Behalf Of Tunisian Trading Group

Dar Tal-Providenza will vet a €500,000 donation pledge presented by former PN leader Adrian Delia on behalf of the Tunisian Trading Group, Catco.

The donation was presented last during at the tail end of a 12-hour live marathon broadcasted on TV. The surprise pledge contributed to the €2,531,540 raised – a new record for the centre.

However, online commentators were quick to question the legitimacy of the pledge offered by Catco Group, the new sponsors of the Sliema Wanderers, prompting Dar Tal-Providenza to request further documentation over the funds.

“Id-Dar Tal-Providenza does not only rely on documentation provided but conducts its own verification process before accepting such donations. Acceptance of the donation is subject to the internal verification process”, the centre said in a statement released earlier today.

According to the Archdioceses of Malta’s policies, cash donations above “€5,000 and other donations and pledges above €10,000 from individuals and companies are subject to a vetting process”.

In October, Sliema Wanderers FC announced that Catco group would be its main sponsor for the next five years with Catco’s chairman, Fisal Abdullah Alokla, also being appointed as the chairman of the football club.

Catco Group is involved in the oil and energy industry across the Middle East and Africa’s automotive industry. It operates out of Tunisia which was withdrawn from the European Union’s list of high risk jurisdictions with definicens in their anti-money laundering and counter terrorism regimes.

Prior presenting the €500,000 pledge, Delia also donated €22,725 cheque to the home, just moments before current PN leader Bernard Grech was scheduled to deliver a Christmas message to PN followers.

Delia was ousted by Grech as Opposition Leader over summer in the wake of a political crisis within the PN.

Though he isn’t leader of the party anymore, Delia has confirmed that he will contest on the party’s ticket in the next general election.

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