Delia-fronted €500,000 donation to Dar Tal-Providenza rejected
delia fronted e500000 donation to dar tal providenza rejected - Delia-fronted €500,000 donation to Dar Tal-Providenza rejected

The €500,000 donation fronted by former PN leader Adrian Delia to the Dar tal-Providenza has been rejected, the home said in a statement on Saturday.

Following the pledge of €500,000 from CATCO Group, Id-Dar tal-Providenza signed a letter of engagement with a local advisory and audit firm to conduct a due diligence exercise, the statement said.

Id-Dar tal-Providenza was informed by the firm that the chairman of the Group did not provide the relevant information requested from him as part of a verification process, and therefore Id-Dar tal-Providenza, while appreciating this kind gesture, is “not in a position to receive the donation”.  


The Administrative Secretary of the Archdiocese of Malta was informed about this development.

The final sum of money donated during the Festa ta’ Ġenerożità held on January 1 2021 has been revised down to €2,031,540.

Id-Dar tal-Providenza said it remained committed to providing the best services possible to its residents to support them to live their life with the dignity they deserve.

“We take the opportunity to thank all those who through their donations and efforts have supported Id-Dar tal-Providenza in its work,” the statement said.

The donation pledge had stirred controversy when it was presented by Delia, who said he had been working on the initiative for weeks.

Speaking to this newsroom after fronting the donation, Delia had said that he had asked an audit firm to conduct an enhanced due diligence exercise on the Chairman of Catco Group Capital Investment prior to the €500,000 donation made to id-Dar tal-Providenza.

Catco Group – a middle eastern investment company describing itself as a player in the oil, gas, and automotive market – at the time was the new sponsor and financial backer for the football club Sliema Wanderers, having been brought into the country by the club’s new President Jeffrey Farrugia – who introduced the firm to Delia.

Since then, however, it has emerged that the promised funding for Sliema never did materialise, with players going a whole footballing season without any salaries and leaving some on the edge of poverty. Farrugia has since resigned from the club and the new committee has made a commitment to get the club’s finances back in order.


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