Eve Borg Bonello Made President Of PN Teen Wing One Year After Rousing Speech At Daphne Protest
eve borg bonello made president of pn teen wing one year after rousing speech at daphne protest - Eve Borg Bonello Made President Of PN Teen Wing One Year After Rousing Speech At Daphne Protest

Seventeen-year-old activist Eve Borg Bonello has officially been appointed president of the PN’s teenage wing TeamStart.

Borg Bonello, 17, rose to prominence last year when she addressed crowds at a Valletta protest held after Yorgen Fenech was arrested as the main suspect in the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

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The young activist roused the crowds by laying into then Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, demanding his resignation and warning he had the journalist’s blood on his hands. She received death threats following this speech and reported them to the police.

A few days ago, she described this speech as the moment her life changed forever.

“I would have considered a statement like that to sound hyperbolic a year ago, but the more time passes the more I’ve come to believe the opposite,” she said. “Looking back I just remembered feeling all at once angry, proud and terrified.”

“I was furious at what a mafia gang did to our country and Daphne; I was immensely proud to see the good people of our rock standing up and fighting back and I was terrified when my life was threatened.”

“Looking back, I still feel a whirlwind of those emotions. As I stepped down from the stage my parents’ arms engulfed me in a tight hug and I kept looking around trying to process that literal change was happening around us. It felt akin to standing on a page in a textbook.”

“After my brother drove me home, my grandmothers phoned me explain that the current fight wasn’t only for the injustices of my generation but for all the wrongs that were done to them too. We all sat glued to the TVM screen, and after giving himself about 100 pats on the back – Joseph Muscat resigned. I wouldn’t change a thing – I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

She has now taken her political activism a step further, becoming president of Team Start, the PN’s wing for 14-18 year olds, after an internal election last week.

Keaton Agius, Nicole Grech, Charlene Camilleri, Alexander Jacobsen, Ella Micallef Darmenia, Armando Xerri, Paul Azzopardi, Jordan Galea Pace, Matteo Muscat Filletti, Neil Camenzuli, Martha Sammut, Stephanie Vella, Maria Kristina Caruana and Jade England make up the rest of the executive.

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