Expunge Criminal Records Of Non-Violent Drug Users, Suggests Roberta Metsola In New Documentary
expunge criminal records of non violent drug users suggests roberta metsola in new documentary - Expunge Criminal Records Of Non-Violent Drug Users, Suggests Roberta Metsola In New Documentary

Nationalist MEP Roberta Metsola has questioned Malta’s approach to drug offences and suggested expunging criminal records of non-violent drug offenders, in a new documentary airing on Lovin Malta this evening.

Since many people were suffering social and legal stigma due to criminal records for non-violent possession, she said: “Should we not expunge those criminal records?”

Metsola’s were made during an in-depth Lovin Malta documentary which followed her election as First Vice President of the European Parliament that will be aired tonight at 7.30pm.

“Do we really need to continue prosecuting somebody for non-violent possession like smoking a plant essentially?” she added, questioning how many resources the island spent on such crimes.

Asked about the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use, Metsola refused to entertain the term “recreational”.

“For me, recreation is sport, it’s possibly gaming, it’s doing something that my kids love to do outside. I would not associate it with something that is ultimately – as we hear, and of course you need to listen to science – addictive, just as other issues are addictive and I would not call them recreational.”

Metsola also spoke about the need for wider justice reform in Malta. She pointed out that the island was always at the very bottom of the list in justice rankings.

“This is a problem that has been building up over many years, we have big problems with court delays. Ultimately, the principle of justice delayed is justice denied,” she said, adding that she often received calls from Maltese people who were worried they would die before their court judgement is handed down.

Lovin Malta followed Metsola from her living room to the corridors of power in the EU to get some unique insight into to makes Metsola….Metsola.

It’s an intimate portrait of one of Malta’s top politicians so make sure you set a reminder on the premiere link below!

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