Family Doctors Will Soon Be Able To Administer COVID-19 Vaccine – Chris Fearne 

Family doctors will soon be able to administer COVID-19 vaccines, Health Minister Chris Fearne has announced.

Interviewed on ONE TV’s Twenty One last night, Fearne said the government will introduce GPs into the national vaccination system on a voluntary basis, allowing them to administer vaccines privately to their patients.

He said Malta is exceeding its targets, with teachers and childcare centre workers set to start getting vaccinated next Wednesday, over a month earlier than what was originally planned.

Meanwhile, social workers, counsellors and health students will start getting vaccinated tomorrow at a new vaccination centre within the University of Malta, while MaltaPost employees will get inoculated at a different centre.

family doctors will soon be able to administer covid 19 vaccine chris fearne - Family Doctors Will Soon Be Able To Administer COVID-19 Vaccine – Chris Fearne 

A new vaccination centre will open at the University of Malta today

Staff of Enemalta, ARMS and the Water Services Corporation will start getting vaccinated on Monday.

The general public will start getting inoculated around May, and a leaflet will be posted to all Maltese households with details on how to go about booking their vaccine. 

Special schemes will also be introduced for large companies, to allow them to vaccinate all their staff in one sitting.

“By the end of summer we’d have vaccinated 70% of the population and would have achieved herd immunity,” Fearne said.

In a positive update, he said the vaccine is already leaving its mark among the fully vaccinated cohorts, namely medical staff and over-85s, with barely any of those people hospitalised with COVID-19. 

“We used to have tens of these people in hospital but now that number has evaporated into practically zero,” he said. “The vaccine works, it’s effective, and you’ll be immune a few days after receiving the second dose.” 

What do you make of Chris Fearne’s update?

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