Famous UK House Producer Gives Raving Review To Malta-Born Dance Hit
famous uk house producer gives raving review to malta born dance hit - Famous UK House Producer Gives Raving Review To Malta-Born Dance Hit

Malta punches above its weight with music talent – so it’s no surprise when local artists get the attention of foreign ears.

So when famous a UK house producer gave a raving review to a Malta-born collaboration, a.k.a Stevy Vee’s dance remix to vocal powerhouse Juno Valdez’s “This Is Your Life” you know Malta’s housing some true stars.

Dirty Secretz – who Resident Advisor call “one of house music’s most exciting artists” – loved the remix, praising the guitar work by David Cassar Torreggiani and calling the vocals “the star of the show” saying it was proper label worthy and Dance Anthem calibre. Wow! 

“This is Your Life” is a fun, beat-driven tune that was originally released by singer-songwriter Juno Valdez in May 2020. It’s produced by seasoned artist Tobymusic and is still enjoying good airplay three months since its release.


The song’s got all the right ingredients for the perfect summer tune: House drums, fun guitar licks and Juno Valdez’s lyrical talent and smooth vocals.

It would’ve undoubtedly been played at all the local clubs (if clubbing was still a thing in 2020), but its regular airtime is still something impressive!

Asked about a next release, Juno Valdez teased that it was right around the corner, leaving comfort zones firmly behind in search of breaking further new ground.

We couldn’t agree more with Dirty Secretz, so keep up the great work Juno Valdez!

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