Fashion Retailer Backs Down On Pledge To Sue Jason Azzopardi For Libel Over Money Laundering Claims
, Fashion Retailer Backs Down On Pledge To Sue Jason Azzopardi For Libel Over Money Laundering Claims

Leading fashion retailer Diane Izzo never ended up suing Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi for libel over money-laundering accusations, despite promising to do so over a year ago.

“The one-year window Diane Izzo had to file a libel suit against me expired last January, but she never ended up suing me. Who knows why?” Azzopardi asked on social media.

In January 2019, Azzopardi called on the police to investigate DIZZ Group, which Izzo is CEO of, due to the fact that it registered a massive turnover spike between 2014 and 2017, from €5.1 million to €15 million. 

Breaking down the maths, the MP said it was suspicious that DIZZ Group would open 33 retail outlets across the country if they generate an average pre-tax profit of €14,932 per outlet. He also warned that the fashion company’s bonds were among the worst-performing on the market.

“Is it a coincidence that money laundering is facilitated a lot by having a big number of outlets?” he wrote.

Izzo countered by pledging to sue Azzopardi for libel so as to safeguard the reputation of her company, her employees and their families, insisting that the only secret behind the DIZZ Group’s success was years of hard works. 

Lovin Malta has asked Izzo why she didn’t end up filing a libel case. 

Mostly known for its wide range of retail outlets, which include brands like Terranova, Paul & Shark, Harmont & Blaine, and Trussardi, Dizz Group also has interests in the catering business, having opened several cafes under the Pascucci franchise and several Nespresso outlets.

Izzo also enjoys a close relationship with former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and his wife Michelle, often accompanying them on family holidays.

Her husband Karl Izzo is the coach of Malta’s national water polo team, and in July 2019 was appointed Malta’s non-resident ambassador to Montenegro.

What do you make of this development? 

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