Feels Like What?! This Week’s Weather In Malta Is Welcoming Summer With A Scorcher
feels like what this weeks weather in malta is welcoming summer with a scorcher - Feels Like What?! This Week’s Weather In Malta Is Welcoming Summer With A Scorcher

We’ve had a solid two weeks of classic Maltese heatwaves hit the islands as June slowly rolls out, but with the official first day of summer coming up this week, things might get a little hotter. So much so, that even official forecasts are getting a little confused.

The week started off normal enough, if you consider highs of 32°C normal (which, unfortunately, you need to start doing now that we’re in June). But as the apparent temperatures continue to increase with the UV index and the ever-lacking breeze, it’s soon going to start feeling even warmer than it’s been feeling.

In fact, the official Malta Airport forecast is currently showing Wednesday’s temperature as N/A. 

Now while we’re nearly sure that’s probably because of a host of metereological variables that are still being calculated, we’re preferring to look at this relatively rare occurence as an indication that shit is about to get very real… and very hot.

As for the rest of the week, expect more sunny days that feel like 35°C… and the start of summer on Friday to feel like a scorching 36°C.

Don’t think you’ll be catching a break by the weekend though; as it stands, things might get even hotter by then. Eeesh; good luck and stay safe everyone!

Photo by Ingmarov

Featured Image Photos: Left by Lisa Caruana, Right by Letizia Pace

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