Fire Up The Braai, Saffers! Malta Has Everything You’ll Need For A Baie Lekker South African Gathering…

Don’t let that potjie pot rust, bru, Malta’s got everything you could ever ask for to get the family feeling right at home around the braai.

While you might not find any boerwors in the butchers, Maltese sausages are probably the closest thing you’ll find.

Now, before you all come at me for treason against the Rainbow Nation, hear me out:

I loved nothing more than a boerie roll for breakfast on a Saturday morning in prep for the night’s braai, but since moving to Malta means I can no longer do such a thing, I’ve settled for the next best thing – and Maltese sausage is still packed full of whole cracked peppercorns for that added crunch in every bite. I’ve just learnt that size doesn’t matter.

Yes, I’d love a 10 inch roll of coriander-infused lamb and pork mince, but I’ll still devour an average-sized garlicky, pork curl.

And if you’re worried your mashed potatoes won’t be that flavoursome, worry not – Knorr’s aromat seasoning is stocked in most supermarkets and corner shops.

So your mielies can rest easy knowing they’ll still be chewed clean all through the summer season.

Still not convinced? Biltong Boyz stock every Saffer’s favourite meaty snack, too!

From drywoers to snapsticks, if you’re dying for a taste of home then place an order with these guys – they won’t disappoint.

While a gathering at home is always grand, there’s nothing like a family meal in a restaurant.

Okay, so we don’t exactly have any Spurs opening up shop anytime soon, but we do have Ocean Basket.

Before these guys were even allowed to open, they were put through some rigorous training in Cyprus (the closest training venue for the franchise that isn’t in South Africa) and were taught how to deliver a truly authentic South African dining experience by the best of the best in the game.

But if you’re still looking for a reason not to let that potjie pot go to waste (because we all know those things are a hefty weight to cart across the continent), don’t shy away from Maltese butchers.

Brass & Knuckle’s butchery have some of the finest quality meats on offer in Malta, so you’d better oil up the iron and light the fire: #potjiekossundays are back on the calendar!

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about everyone’s favourite comfort food: pap.

There are plenty of African markets dotted around Malta that stock mielie pap and maize both pre-packaged and as wholesale.

Pap’n’vleis is back on the (breakfast, lunch and) dinner menu, guys, get some Sasol in those elbows and fire up the braai – you no longer have an excuse.

BONUS: End the day with a nice, hot mug of Milo or Horlicks.

Both instant milk drinks are available in stores in Malta, too, so you can sit back, relax and unwind with a nice warm mug.

fire up the braai saffers malta has everything youll need for a baie lekker south african gathering - Fire Up The Braai, Saffers! Malta Has Everything You’ll Need For A Baie Lekker South African Gathering…

Tag a South African in the comments and make sure they treat you to some baie lekker grub ASAP.

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