Floriana Resident Falls In Collapsed Pavement Hole While Walking Home
, Floriana Resident Falls In Collapsed Pavement Hole While Walking Home

One Maltese man had a rough start to the year after falling into a hole while walking in his town.

“When you’re walking home and fall into a hole in the pavement. Happy new fucking year,” Michele Tufigno said alongside a photo of the hole in the pavement.

While his friends immediately asked how he was doing and others joked about his fall, Tufigno took the opportunity to point out that such egregious holes in the pavement should at least be cordoned off.

“It’s a collapsed pavement which was completely impossible to avoid in the dark (photo taken with flash). Here’s hoping it’s repaired or at the very least cordoned off as soon as possible,” he said. 

Some people noted that that exact hole in Crucifix Hill, Floriana, as well as similar defects, had been around for years.

“Those structures have been in a dangerous state for ages! I still recall my mother complaining when we were kids,” said one person.

“It’s been like that for at least three weeks, I had already reported it and its for nothing,” said another commentator.

“Most Valletta pavements are death traps. When I was chairman of the Valletta rehabilitation I was continually advocating their restoration/replacement,” said Kenneth Zammit Tabona. “The stumbling block is bureaucracy and more bureaucracy… if practical solutions were allowed things would happen more efficiently. As you can see, the situation slides from bad to worse.”

Cover photo right: Frank Vincentz

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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