For Falafel’s Sake! The Best Places In Malta To Get A Feast From The Middle East
, For Falafel’s Sake! The Best Places In Malta To Get A Feast From The Middle East

The Middle East’s chickpea (or fava bean) patty is best friends with burgers, wraps, salads and pitas, and but it’s also one of the special favourites among vegetarians and vegans. And let’s face it; everyone needs some falafel in their life!

So, on International Falafel Day – which a day we’re so glad actually exists – we’re to save you some valuable research time by highlighting some of Malta’s best falafel restaurants.

1. Falafel Street, Valletta

You can’t go wrong with an eatery that’s literally named after the delicacy you’re looking for!

Highly recommended, Falafel Street is easily one of the island’s top favourites.

2. Hassan Falafel & Fatayer, Gżira

If you’re looking for a fresh falafel quickie in the centre of Malta, this is the right place for you.

3. Kebabji, Sliema & St Julian’s

A living legend, Kebab Ji is definitely one of the best spot for Lebanese and Middle Eastern in Sliema… and beyond. You even have the option of getting some of their delicious falafel wraps in St Julian’s now that they’ve taken over one of Paceville’s iconic corner stores.

4. Olive House, Floriana

With lots of vegan options available, Olive House have got some great reviews to back up their place on this list. Take my word, try the falafel deep-fried halloumi.

5. ĠUGAR Hangout & Bar, Valletta

Who wouldn’t want to have a falafel wrap with some cool hipster vibes added to it? Cool ambiance is promised… but the food is definitely not compromised!

6. Danny’s, Qormi

As if a wrap wasn’t enough, Danny’s offers a falafel salad bowl with tahini yogurt dressing, cabbage, lettuce, harissa, coriander, lime and cucumber. Already on your way?

7. Emma’s Kitchen, San Ġwann

Don’t get me started on those falafel wraps, salads and pita. Emma’s Kitchen even offers falafel in their bar bites menu… because sometimes, you’d want falafel beyond brunch.

8. Ali Baba, Gżira

Probably one of the widest variety of food you will ever see. Ali Baba has Lebanese, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, vegetarian and vegan options. Don’t leave without ordering Falafel balls with hummus.

9. Moo’s Kebab Turkish Restaurant, Gżira

To get some real Middle Eastern cuisine experience, head out to Moo’s Kebab and grab yourself a classic falafel wrap.

10. Hugo’s Burger Bar, St. Julian’s

Hugo’s falafel balls really go together with burgers and sides. Having falafel at Hugo’s is a bonus for those wishing to deviate from the ubiquitous spud.

11. The Chef’s Table, Buġibba

Don’t think about this; just order a falafel starter served with a tahini dressing and you’re sorted.

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