From Rap To Rock And Everything In Between, Maltese Musicians Released A Ton Of New Music Last Week

What a crazy month it has been. January 2020 ended on a high note for Maltese musicians as a flurry of singles, albums and EPs were released over the past few weeks, so much so that we definitely lost count.

Everyone from the up-and-coming to the seasoned veterans had something to showcase last week and if things keep on going this way, we’re going to have a very fruitful year of music in 2020.

1. Wayne Camilleri, Morning Dance

Renowned local guitarist Wayne Camilleri has dropped his first single of 2020. Morning Dance is a progressive rock instrumental featuring a star-studded lineup, crisp production and carefully thought out musical phrasing that will please all music geeks.

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2. Ġenn, Duda Dance

Anglo-Maltese musical riot Ġenn are kicking our brains in with their latest slick of alternative post-punk madness, Du Du Dance. The energetic, uptempo single features a DIY music video with the band performing inside an empty room and doing what they do best, having fun.

And in true punk-rock fashion, Du Du Dance was written on a train in Madrid 10 minutes before the band’s demo. “Not caring about what other people think of you or say about you, and just enjoying life,” Ġenn lead singer Leona said about the song. Rock on.

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3. Matthew James, Road Trip

Matthew James Borg continues to elevate his career to new heights since his departure from Red Electrick and 2020 shows no signs of slowing down. Road Trip is a beautifully composed love song with tasteful instrumentals and atmospheric vocal lines that make it an enjoyable listen. The music video is as engaging, with some quirky but cute illustrations to go along with the theme of the song.

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4. Eddie Fresco, The Devil Was My Uber Driver

Rap heavyweight Eddie Fresco just dropped his latest track The Devil Was My Uber Driver along with a killer music video. A prolonged absence from the Maltese rising star was worth it in the end as the rapper comes out with some killer lyrics, bars and beats topped off with his signature aggro sound.

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5. Chef, Dumb ft. Kofi Browne

Another rising star making his 2020 debut, Chef’s latest release is fresh, exciting and dirty at the same time. The music video just elevates it to a totally new level and we can’t wait to see where he goes from here.

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6. Upper Lip, Keep Going

Gozitan Rock band Upper Lip are giving us a glimpse into what’s to come with the release of their first single ‘Keep Going’ from their debut album, ‘Deep Within.’

The song and its anthemic catchy chorus ‘let’s keep going on’ speaks about perseverance and pushing to achieve your own dreams, so it only makes sense that it’s accompanied by a scorching-hot music video.

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7. Sajtar Radio – 69 Flimkien

First things first, the is totally NSFW. As you can probably tell from the name itself, 69 Flimkien isn’t to be taken seriously and in fact, started off just as a joke between friends. But it seems like the Maltese people liked it so much that Sajtar Radio felt the need to create a music video and well, this is the end result… (p.s. we love it)

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8. LEX, Going Down

Paceville ain’t ready for this one. Going Down is the latest party anthem released by electronic artist LEX and it’s got us going up, down and sideways to its hype beats, rhythms and melodies.

from rap to rock and everything in between maltese musicians released a ton of new music last week - From Rap To Rock And Everything In Between, Maltese Musicians Released A Ton Of New Music Last Week

9. Micimago, Do It Right

What a banger. Micimago’s latest track spews fire from the second it starts right until the very end. An atmospheric house funk piece with dynamic build-ups and booming choruses and with perfectly balanced vocals and guitar thanks to Ricky Bugeja. All this contrasted against Micimago performing live against one of Malta’s beautiful outdoor backdrops and you have the making of a complete, killer track.

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