GUEST POST: Malta Is Falling Apart, It’s Time For A Total Reform
, GUEST POST: Malta Is Falling Apart, It’s Time For A Total Reform

The partisan mentality in Malta has gone too far, the situation is desperate and it’s time for people to start critically analysing the political situation – rather than remain blindly faithful to one party.

I left Malta this year and have been following everything that’s happening from the UK. The comments that I’m reading are beyond me.

Comments like “qed jaqaw għan-nejk / they’re making a fool of themselves” and “qas haq in-nies li qed iddaħku bikom / you’re proving yourselves as fools to everyone” on videos of students exercising their freedom of speech and actively taking a stand are utterly appalling.

The ‘black and white’ mentality has only led to hate, a sheep mentality, the ridicule of students and others who are speaking their mind in the fight against all that is happening. It’s about time people start revolting against it.

From an outsider perspective, Malta looks like it’s falling apart. Current events are not only destroying Malta’s image but have forced people to regress to dangerous street protests because people in charge won’t listen to what the public is saying: Can you really classify Malta as a democracy, when the public is yelling out what they want and need, and no one’s listening?

I was always taught not to comment on politics in order to safeguard my career prospects but this goes beyond politics.

It’s time for a total reform. It’s time for a humanitarian Prime Minister – rather than one who’s main concern is money.

If you look at the situation in Malta right now, where is the humanity in it all? Yes, the economy has progressed but in turn the air quality has regressed. All of the trees are being replaced by buildings and all of our beauty is being destroyed.

Trying to unravel the truth led Daphne Caruana Galizia to her grave. Why is it that people are not realizing how desperate the situation is? Are they that blinded by the red and blue?

It’s time for a stand. It’s time for a change of perspective. It’s no longer about ‘red or blue’, it’s about right and wrong. It’s about a better future for all and resolving the situation before people get hurt. How are we supposed to trust in a Prime Minister that won’t listen to the very people begging him to step down? 

Even though I cannot physically be present, I stand with every student protesting. It’s time for a change, and I genuinely hope we get there before it’s too late. 

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