Hair And Beauty Federation Urges Robert Abela To Push Them Up COVID-19 Vaccine Queue
hair and beauty federation urges robert abela to push them up covid 19 vaccine queue - Hair And Beauty Federation Urges Robert Abela To Push Them Up COVID-19 Vaccine Queue

The Hair and Beauty Federation, an association of workers in the industry, has emailed Prime Minister Robert Abela, Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci and Health Minister Chris Fearne to request that the sector be moved up the COVID-19 vaccine priority list.

“With reference to our correspondence on 3rd March 2021 and a reminder sent 15 days later, we believe the sector should be prioritised in the vaccination drive,” the federation’s executive secretary Jesmond Friggieri wrote. “Although it isn’t an essential service, it’s an important service to maintain balance in everyday life.”

Hair and beauty salons were forced to close down earlier this month as part of a quasi-lockdown which has been imposed until 11th April. 

In its letter to Abela, the Federation also urged the Prime Minister to clarify whether hairdressers, massage therapists and beauty therapists can offer services in private households.

They warned that if it is allowed, it would be unfair on people in the industry who cannot work at people’s homes, and that if it isn’t allowed, it would mean the necessary enforcement isn’t taking place. 

This issue had cropped up when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Malta last year; back then police confirmed that hairdressers and beauty therapists can still work at people’s private homes. 

Unlike the first quasi-lockdown, the current one includes restrictions on gatherings at private residences, which are limited to a maximum of two households.  

Do you agree with the Hair and Beauty Federation’s logic?

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