‘Haters Are Always Gonna Hate’: Designer Behind Destiny’s Sparkly Pink Dress Claps Back At Critics
, ‘Haters Are Always Gonna Hate’: Designer Behind Destiny’s Sparkly Pink Dress Claps Back At Critics

Debates on Destiny Chukunyere’s first dress rehearsal outfit have dominated much of this past week, with everyone from former Eurovision royalty to your nanna having their say on the matter. But what the person who actually designed it?

Taking to Instagram earlier this week, costume designer and self-described “Empress Supreme of the Outer Planets” Sebastian Löjdkvist addressed the overwhelming amount of feedback (good and bad) his bright pink vision for the young Maltese singer received online.

And while the first half of his post was dedicated to quoting Destiny’s own comments on the dress, it didn’t take long for Sebastian to also weigh in on the matter.

“First of I’d like to say, haters are always gonna hate,” Löjdkvist wrote. “But remember that you are talking about an 18-year-old girl – and what gives you the right to talk about how she looks and what she wears?!”

“It has been such an honor to me to create this look for Destiny, it is a bold statement while still being fun, flirty and playful.”

“The 23,000 sparkling crystals can never outshine your star quality Des,” the costume designer affectionately finished. “You’re a winner baby!”

Sebastian has been creating flash and very colourful costumes for years now and loves documenting it all on his Instagram account. 

And whether it’s for a troupe of singers and dancers at a Swedish music festival or for himself when he’s out and about flaunting his stuff, Sebastian’s style is unique and bursting with colours.

One quick look at his Instagram account, in fact, reveals that Destiny’s pink dress isn’t even the flashiest outfit shared this month.

Meanwhile, just this morning, Destiny posted a photo in another dress ahead of the second dress rehearsal. 

And for all the critics out there, Destiny even had a cheeky caption to go with it: “Feeling comfortable in my own skin, again.”

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