‘He Ruined My Life In Four Minutes’: Viktor Dragomanski Blames Daniel Muka For Shocking Sliema Double Murder
, ‘He Ruined My Life In Four Minutes’: Viktor Dragomanski Blames Daniel Muka For Shocking Sliema Double Murder

Viktor Dragomanski, the second suspect charged for the Sliema double murder last month, shifted blame for the shocking crime on other suspect Daniel Muka, telling police that “he ruined his life in four minutes”.

In court today, Inspector James Grech explained that the 36-year-old Macedonian bouncer Dragomanski said he was walking his dog in Sliema when Daniel Muka together with third suspect, Danish national Jesper Kristiansen, approached him in the gateway car and asked to join them for “a job”.

He said he didn’t know whether the job was for drugs, a fight or a burglary.

Inspector Grech explained that Dragomanski proceeded to join without questions because he knew the Danish man well, as he would frequent the bars he worked at.

He knew Muka to a lesser extent, from encounters in Paceville.

Prosecution said that witness testimonies and CCTV footage confirmed that it was not Dragomanski who fired the shots that killed couple Chris Pandolfino and Ivor Maciejowski in a four-minute operation last month.

The Macedonian suspect did enter the residence after the six fatal shots were fired.

Viktor Dragomanski was arrested on Wednesday 26th August, after an attempted rooftop escape from a Gżira hotel where he was hiding out. There, police found items of clothing that matched CCTV footage of one of the men involved. 

Dragomanski and Muka have both shifted the blame on each other for the murder of art collectors Chris Pandolfino and Ivor Maciejowski on 18th August. 

Daniel Muka said that while all the men knew they would find valuable items inside the house, he was just brought along and did not mastermind the suspected botched-theft.

But Viktor Dragomanski accused Muka and Jesper Kristiansen as being the masterminds. Kristiansen, the third suspect, is facing extradition charges in Spain. He was captured using his mobile to contact a taxi soon after the men allegedly escaped with a getaway car.

An exhaustive timeline on how police were able to catch the suspected killers was given in court last week, with investigators revealing that Muka was even wearing victim Christian Pandolfino’s necklace at the time of his arrest.

Pandolfino, who was found in his underwear, was shot five times in the doorway of the home. Maciejowski was found with one bullet to the head on the staircase in between the first and second landing. Police believe Maciejowski rushed downstairs upon hearing the commotion.

It is estimated that without an appeal it could take at least 30 days for Kristiansen to be sent over to Malta to face the courts.

Kristiansen was arrested in Cadiz, Spain after allegedly passing through Malta’s airport on 28th August to board a flight to Barcelona. By flying to a Schengen country, Kristiansen avoided stringent passport checks and managed to get through with his ID.

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