Hey Malta, Here Are The 7 Most Popular Lottery Strategies, Explained

Winning big on a massive lottery is on a lot of people’s bucket lists, and it seems like everyone has their own strategy to manage the odds, and make the most out of their game. But which strategies are the most popular?

We’ve teamed up with Lottoland to break down some of the most popular strategies used by their 12,000,000 customers

Then, it’s up to you to choose a new favourite!

1. The Quick +1

Whether or not you’re superstitious, you probably have a set of favourite numbers. Birthdays, ages, house numbers, number of cats… there’s a lucky number for everyone, but unfortunately, a lof of them are kinda the same. And that translates to a higher chance of prize-sharing,

Luckily for everyone else, the Quick +1 option will choose a random number for you with just the click of a button. To make matters even quicker, easier and entirely up to magical luck, you can even select Rest, which will randomly complete all of the available tickets for you.

Meanwhile, if you want to generate a completely new batch of random numbers until you get to a set you like the look of, just click on the Magic Wand symbol. Go for it!

2. Double Jackpot

Here’s something you won’t find at your local lottery booth – an opportunity to literally double the maximum amount you can win!

In other words, if the EuroJackpot prize is €80 million (that’s eight and six zeros), Double Jackpot will let you choose to place a bet that would bag you €160 million instead. Yes, really. All you have to do is pay double the price of a normal line.

3. Number Shield

This one doesn’t just sound cool, but is a pretty nifty option for those who can’t make do without betting on their favourite numbers.

Basically, the Number Shield does what it says on the tin, promising to protect your chosen numbers. This way, if your number come up, it won’t matter if anyone else picked the same selection, because you won’t have to share your winnings with anybody else. 

Yep, that means no matter what numbers come up, with the Number Shield, the jackpot win will be yours and yours alone.

For that reason, you won’t be able to also choose the Double Jackpot option… but hey, with a price-tag that’s just half the price of your selected line and the possibility of an unshared jackpot, that’s a great trade-off!

4. System / Combo Bets

One of Lottoland’s lesser-known features, this will let you choose additional numbers to bet with different variations of the selected numbers.

In other words, if you have a lottery that requires you to choose six numbers, you can pick seven numbers with the System (or Combo) bet, and you’ll be betting on seven different combinations of six of those numbers to increase your chance to win. If you pick eight numbers, then 28 variations of six of these will be used.

Of course, you’re paying for every combination, so choosing seven numbers would mean seven times your stake. But hey, you’re also multiplying your chances of winning by seven.

5. Subscription

With one click of a button, subscribing will make sure you never have to worry about forgetting to bet with your numbers.

Whether it’s subscribing for a week or a year, or betting on multiple lottery draws or just one per week, subscribing will let you personalise your automated bets as you see fit.

For example, you could choose to bet on the MegaMillions Sunday draw for the next four weeks and omit the Wednesday ones. Playing has never been easier.

6. Hunt

Looking for the big money jackpots and not interested in anything else? Then this is the feature for you.

By clicking Hunt, you will automatically enter each lottery until the current jackpot has been won, which means you’ll be able to better pursue those big rollover jackpots.

Go for the Participation option, and you’ll be able to set a minimum jackpot amount. Anything lower and you won’t be entered automatically.

7. Offers

Offers are always a great way to play, because you’re always looking at something extra. And that’s exactly what Lottoland is doing.

To celebrate its launch in Malta, Lottoland is giving all new players three EuroMillions bets for the price of one.

A standard line at Lottoland typically costs just €3, but with this offer, you’re getting three chances to win for that price (instead of €9).

hey malta here are the 7 most popular lottery strategies explained - Hey Malta, Here Are The 7 Most Popular Lottery Strategies, Explained

Now that you have the tools you need, which one will you pick?

Will you try to go for a Double Jackpot, or will you do whatever it takes to guard your lucky digits with a Number Shield?

Whatever you pick, don’t forget you can now triple your chances of winning by claiming two free bets… and all you have to do is register with Lottoland.

May the odds be in your favour… just in time for this Friday’s €140,000,000 EuroMillions draw.

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hey malta here are the 7 most popular lottery strategies explained - Hey Malta, Here Are The 7 Most Popular Lottery Strategies, Explained

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