‘Homeless And Humiliated’: Money And Jewellery Stolen From Collapsed Gwardamanġia Home
, ‘Homeless And Humiliated’: Money And Jewellery Stolen From Collapsed Gwardamanġia Home

A Maltese woman who lived in a home that collapsed recently has revealed that number of valuables, including jewellery and money, have been stolen from her home since the collapse.

Anthea Brincat said she has since filed a report at the police station, where she said she was angrily told by police that she was “expecting too much”. She then asked for works to be halted on the construction site where the damaged home was located, but she said that the architect appointed by the Courts had called her up and said that “he was the only one who could give orders” and that she should “not to waste his time.”

“The residents’ architect was forbidden from carrying out onsite inspections; he will be allowed onsite tomorrow, after the contractor built a wall and poured concrete over the underlying rocks to hide the cracks,” Moviment Graffitti said, highlighting the shocking treatment of the Maltese woman.

“It seems the authorities are doing everything to appease those who want to make money, instead of helping out the citizens who have been stricken,” Brincat said following her mistreatment.

“On our part, we are disgusted at what is going on. It seems there’s no limit, not even the slightest hint of shame, when it comes to the construction industry. The authorities have let the storm subside before issuing a rushed, nonsensical reform and went on as if nothing had happened. The residents – some of whom have been homeless for two months – have been ignored by virtually everyone. This is not right. And you people up there, you know this very well,” the activist group said in a post.

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