‘Homophobic And Xenophobic’: Activist Drops Out Of Xarabank Episode On Malta’s Controversial Priest
homophobic and xenophobic activist drops out of xarabank episode on maltas controversial priest - ‘Homophobic And Xenophobic’: Activist Drops Out Of Xarabank Episode On Malta’s Controversial Priest

A leading activist has dropped out of a Xarabank episode centred around controversial priest Fr David Muscat, in what is set to be an ideological battle between Malta’s progressives and conservatives.

Tomorrow’s episode will air an interview with Muscat, which will detail his outspoken views on LGBTIQ, migration, and abortion, followed by a panel that would be given free rein to criticise his views.

Women’s Rights Foundation Chairperson Andrea Dibben  announced on social media that she will no longer be taking part, after learning “the extent of this person’s affinity to the far-right party Imperium Europa after watching a video of his speech at Norman Lowell’s birthday party and learning about his homophobic and xenophobic comments”

“ I am open to discuss any subject that I am competent in with anyone on any forum, but I draw the line at sharing the platform with someone who has proven to be a bigot on many issues and who has publicly supported a party with far-right ideologies especially in the current populist climate, in a context where people were shot and killed because of their skin colour,” Dibbens said.

Fr Muscat raised eyebrows at the Curia when he delivered a speech at a birthday party for Norman Lowell in which he praised the Imperium Europa leader for having “sown a seed in the hearts of people that will bear fruit in the future”.

He also gained notoriety after delivering stinging criticism of Fintech entrepreneur Abdalla Kablan after he was chosen as the main speaker for this year’s Victory Day celebration.

Muscat said that Kablan, a Maltese national, is not Maltese, emphasising his foreign-sounding name.

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