“Huge increase” in plastics recovery for early 2019, GreenPak says

"Huge increase" in plastics recovery for early 2019, GreenPak saysGreenPak Cooperative Society has said that a “huge increase” in plastics recovery was recorded following the introduction of the innovative iBiNs at the beginning of this year.

According the the Society, latest figures show that between January and May 2019 plastics recovery nearly doubled when compared to the same period in 2018.

It explained that during the first five months of this year over 253,000 kilogrammes of plastics were recovered, which is equivalent to 3,162,500 plastic bottles.

“Many consider plastic as the miracle material that has made modern life possible, but nearly half of it is used just once, and a significant part of it ends up polluting our seas to the detriment of the ecosystem, and ultimately our health,” said GreenPak.

Between January and May 2019, GreenPak said that it also registered another highly significant increase of 39% in recovered paper and glass materials when compared to the same five-month period in 2018.

From over 651,000 kilogrammes last year, the total figure for both paper and glass over the past five months has increased to more than 882,000 kilogrammes.

Earlier this year, the iBiNs replaced all the previous recycling skips in the 40 localities served by GreenPak. Equipped with smart technology, iBiNs enable citizens to recycle 24/7 in a simpler and more convenient way, while doing away with the unsightly overflowing of recycling bins.

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