‘I Don’t Expect Any Integrity From Anyone In The PN’: Lynn Chircop Claps Back After Being ‘Personally Attacked’
i dont expect any integrity from anyone in the pn lynn chircop claps back after being personally attacked - ‘I Don’t Expect Any Integrity From Anyone In The PN’: Lynn Chircop Claps Back After Being ‘Personally Attacked’

Lynn Chircop, the former Eurovision contestant, lawyer, and current LEAD trainee has clapped back at the Nationalist Party after she was called a failed singer in a local article.

“I’m not expecting any integrity from anyone in the PN, but if there’s anyone left who believes in human principles then I expect to have the right to reply,” she said.

In a fiery Facebook post, she took the PN to task for their values after an article that appeared in Il-Mument said she was “trying her luck after a disappointment in the local music scene”.

“It’s more likely that I’ll believe in human immortality than the chance of even one person who will be capable of responding to this personal attack done in the name of the Nationalist Party,” she continued.

She went on to thank the people who have shown support in her new political role.

“Thank you Miriam Dalli for believing in me and for offering this training so that women no longer need to try their luck but are informed and trained not just in music, because in that sector I am qualified, but also in politics as is needed in this country,” she continued. “Which doesn’t exist under a Nationalist government.”

“I was lucky enough to be able to study, graduate, have a family, and occupy positions with responsibility… the same goes for the Eurovision. I was able to say no to anything that went against my principles. That’s why the PN is so disappointing!”

She promised to continue working for Malta come what may.

“As in my legal career, I pledge to you Dr Dalli that wherever my contribution is needed for the good of Malta, and where I can work according to my principles, you will find me behind you,” she ended.

Many people within the Labour Party, including Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Labour CEO Randolph DeBattista, condemned what they called a ‘cheap shot’ in Il-Mument’s article.

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