In Case You Were Wondering, Here’s How Many Pastizzi You Could Buy With Lionel Messi’s Salary
in case you were wondering heres how many pastizzi you could buy with lionel messis salary - In Case You Were Wondering, Here’s How Many Pastizzi You Could Buy With Lionel Messi’s Salary

Football fans worldwide were treated to some hot sporting gossip yesterday after superstar player Lionel Messi’s Barcelona contract was leaked. And in case you’ve managed to make it through the last 24 hours without coming across the number, brace yourself; it’s a big one.

Initially leaked on Sunday morning by El Mundo and carried by Mundo Deportivo, the four-year contract signed in 2017 stipulates that the 33-year-old striker-captain was promised an insane €555,237,619… most of which Messi has already received. And then people wonder why the Spanish club is in such a financial shitstorm. Yes, that’s more than half a billion.

That number is already full-on crazy at face value, but when you break it down further, it only gets crazier.

Well beyond the multiple bonuses on offer (over €115 million just for renewing his contract and over €14 million for winning the Champions League being just two on the list), Messi was pocketing a bare minimum of €138,809,405 every single year. 

That’s €11,567,450 per month.

That’s €2,669,411 per week.

That’s €380,299 per day.

That’s €15,845 per hour.

That’s €264 per minute.

That’s €4 per second.

And in case you were wondering how much that actually is in normal human terms, we’ve decided to break it down in a very Maltese way… with pastizzi, of course!

If Messi felt inclined to spend his entire salary on Malta’s delicious, savoury and oily snack (and honestly, who wouldn’t?), he’d be extremely overweight and maybe even dead by now. But for the sake of science, let’s look at what translates to.

Lionel Messi could buy 10 pastizzi per second for four whole years.

That’s 600 pastizzi per minute.

That’s 36,000 pastizzi per hour.

That’s 864,000 pastizzi per day.

In other words, Messi could buy a pastizz for everyone in the country with the money he makes in an afternoon. 

And in case you were wondering what happens if we go further, that’s 315,360,000 pastizzi per year. For four consecutive years.

Good luck keeping that six-pack going.

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