Indepth: Adrian Delia and all his team must go – Mark Anthony Sammut
, Indepth: Adrian Delia and all his team must go – Mark Anthony Sammut

Adrian Delia should not ask for a vote of confidence but immediately resign, taking his team with him, ex-Nationalist Party executive committee president Mark Anthony Sammut said.

Apart from the leader, Sammut says that secretary general Clyde Puli, the two deputy leaders David Agius and Robert Arrigo, the party’s media chairman Pierre Portelli and political coordinator Jean Pierre Debono should also go.

Sammut was being interviewed in this week’s edition of Indepth by Editor-in-Chief Rachel Attard, three days after he resigned from his post as president of the PN’s executive committee.


The resignation follows the party’s massive electoral defeats in the European Parliament and local council elections. Sammut resigned at the end of an executive committee meeting which generated even more controversy and in-fighting, after the party voted to co-opt Jean Pierre Debono to Parliament in replacement of David Stellini. Debono eventually renounced the seat.

Sammut said he did not mean that Delia and Puli are “disposable” – “they could definitely have a role in the party.

“But neither they, nor I, or any of the people who are often referred to as belonging to some form of plot are the solution for the party to unite and move forward.”

He said that Delia had shown potential but had been taken over by others around him. 

Sammut insisted that there is a need to make space for new blood that is capable of uniting and leading the party.

He maintained that “there is no other choice” but for the PN to have a new leader going into the next general elections.

For this to happen he insisted that there first needs to be the space and the liberty for others to come forward.

“Before I took this step, I took note that there is someone ready to fill this space, or else I would not have made that call.”

When pushed to name names, he said that it was not his responsibility to say who they are, as they must first be given the space to come forward.

In a Facebook post later in the day, Nadur Mayor Edward Said – Nadur being one of the few localities where the PN increased its number of voters in the recent local council election – took aim at PN Leader Adrian Delia and the rest of the party’s higher-ups. He said that Delia has not yet realised that he has not taken a single decision to unite the party and take it forward. He joined Mark Anthony Sammut in calling for the leaderhsip to step aside.

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