Indepth promo: Empower the pimp or the prostitute?
indepth promo empower the pimp or the prostitute - Indepth promo: Empower the pimp or the prostitute?

In September, the Government announced plans to decriminalise prostitution and introduce clear regulations for gentleman’s clubs and massage parlours. Discussions and heated debates ensued on whether prostitution should be recognised as a job like any other, and on whether to criminalise those who buy sex.

In this week’s episode of Indepth, presenter Rachel Attard welcomed actress Angele Galea and Dr Anna Borg to discuss and shed light upon the controversial and hot topic of prostitution. Angele Galea has volunteered at Dar Hosea, whilst Dr Anna Borg is a key figure amongst the 40 NGOs who submitted their proposals on the prostitution and human trafficking reform earlier this month.

The engaging discussion highlighted different aspects of prostitution and human trafficking – the different ways of regulating sex work, the implications and the grim realities those working in the sex industry face.

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