Instagram Has Deleted The Accounts Of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s Twins
instagram has deleted the accounts of prime minister joseph muscats twins - Instagram Has Deleted The Accounts Of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s Twins

Instagram has deleted the accounts owned by the Prime Minister’s twin daughters Etoile and Soleil Muscat. 

It is unknown why Instagram has taken this action, but the Muscat twins are 12 years old, and the social media giant requires users to be at least 13.

The twins are now using different accounts, with Etoile stating in her profile description that her previous account was deleted by Instagram.

Last year, Occupy Justice activist Kristina Chetcuti, the partner of former PN leader Simon Busutitl, penned an opinion piece on The Times of Malta in which she said the Prime Minister’s children shouldn’t be on social media.

“You avoid social media bullying by actually following the rules: children under 13 should NOT have Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat accounts,” Chetcuti wrote.

“If children have an account with false declarations of their birth year or an account is registered on their behalf, then it’s a violation of the terms of the social media companies. And this applies to everyone including children of presidents, minsters or prime ministers.”

Children’s Commissioner Pauline Miceli later said that many young children she encounters are already making use of social media, despite terms and conditions requiring users to be at least 13.

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