‘It Has To Stop Here’: Dar Bjorn Project Comes To An Abrupt End As President’s Foundation Takes Centre Stage
it has to stop here dar bjorn project comes to an abrupt end as presidents foundation takes centre stage - ‘It Has To Stop Here’: Dar Bjorn Project Comes To An Abrupt End As President’s Foundation Takes Centre Stage

The Dar Bjorn 2 project has come to an abrupt end after the Malta Community Chest Fund announced its own fundraiser a week before Bjorn Formosa’s planned event.

Bjorn, the founder of Dar Bjorn, took to Facebook to announce that the campaign for a community home for people with neurological conditions will have to stop and expressed his disappointment and frustration at the government for organising a fundraiser one week before his.

“We’ve just received news that, despite us announcing the fundraiser six months ago, the MCCF decided to do L-Istrina 2 a week before our planned programme,” he said.

“We’ll probably have to cancel this fundraiser because of this… all our work was for nothing.”

Earlier today, the Malta Community Chest Fund hinted that a version of L-Istrina, an annual national telethon fundraiser, is set to take place on the 20th September.

However, Formosa was quick to point out that this was, in fact, a week before his own fundraiser for a new and bigger Dar Bjorn to house ALS and Multiple Sclerosis patients, and would subsequently yield fewer donations to his foundation.

“We always respected other organisations and believe that everyone should have the right to collect funds, but there should be just and give opportunities to everyone,” he said.

“It cannot be that the state charity does this without a pre-announcement and practically removes any possibility of fund collection from organisations composed of citizens like myself,” he said.

“It is impossible for us to collect money just a few days before the second version of L-Istrina.”

Last month, Daj Born appealed for help after it was revealed that they were struggling and only had one spare bed.

However, with few donations coming in, partially due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it seems like hopes for a new project for a bigger house have been dashed.

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