It’s That Time Of Year… Wrap Up With These Wholesome Maltese Winter Warmers
its that time of year wrap up with these wholesome maltese winter warmers - It’s That Time Of Year… Wrap Up With These Wholesome Maltese Winter Warmers

Winter is a foodies favourite time of year. Gone are the green bowls of salad, replaced with hearty stews and wholesome roasts and pies. Which one of these Maltese wintery warmers is your favourite?

These 9 foods are our favourite picks for a winter menu, can you think of any more?

1. Minestra

Minestra is a classic, there’s something for everyone in every serving. Use your favourite veggies, make it meaty, sprinkle cheese over it – the possibilities are endless. A spoonful of this great soup is sure to warm anyone up in a jiffy.

2. Widow’s Soup (Soppa tal-Armla)

Another soup! Who said winter foods had to be heavy? Soppa tal-armla is easy to make, convenient and super nutritious, too.

3. Torta tal-Irkotta

Another dish that is usually veggie-friendly (but not vegan, because who wants to give up cheese?!) that can be spiced up with a little sausage every now and then. Go on, you know you want to…

4. Majjalata

Trigger warning: Vegans may want to look away.

It’s everyone’s favourite: pork. There’s not much to say here other than bacon, sausages, roasts, bacon, crispy skin, bacon. You get the point. But also, bacon.

5. Bragioli

Fill them with sausage, cheese, eggs, even an actual olive if you fancy. Maltese beef olives go with just about anything and are also a great way to hide veggies from the kids if you’ve got a fussy bunch. Wrap up some marrows and tell them it’s part of the meat – they’ll never question it once they get a taste.

6. Timpana

How do you make imqarrun il-forn infinitely better? Wrap it in pastry and stuff it with melty, melty cheese.

7. Stuffat tal-Fenek

Red wine, rabbit and potato-shaped carbs? We’re here for it and we don’t want it to end.

8. Ross il-Forn

The cousin of imqarrun (and our favourite member of the baked family).

9. Pulpetti

Is there anything better than a meaty ball in winter? (Yes, having five on your plate at once.)

BONUS: Imbuljata

And no, we don’t mean this year’s Panto in the Dark (featuring Lovin’s very own Chucky Bartolo).

We’re talking about the Maltese hot drink that doesn’t get the love it deserves. Pour yourself a steaming hot cup of chocolatey-orangey-nutty goodness and thaw that cold heart of yours. Cuffing season is here.

What’s your favourite food for winter?

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