‘I’ve Never Been Bribed’: Jason Azzopardi Vows To Keep Fighting Corruption After Suspending Himself From Parliament
ive never been bribed jason azzopardi vows to keep fighting corruption after suspending himself from parliament - ‘I’ve Never Been Bribed’: Jason Azzopardi Vows To Keep Fighting Corruption After Suspending Himself From Parliament

Jason Azzopardi, MP and PN Spokesperson for Justice vowed to keep fighting corruption hours after he suspended himself from the PN Parliamentary Group in wake of revelations that Tumas Group paid for his stay in Tel-Aviv in 2017.

Prior to his self-suspension, Azzopardi, who is also a parte civile lawyer in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder case, asked the Ethics, Discipline and Social Media Commission to investigate him in relation to the Tel-Aviv revelations.

“A message of thanks as I cannot keep up with the messages of courage and gratitude I am receiving for the step that I took,“ Azzopardi wrote.

“You will soon realise why all of this is happening. All I have to say is – as long as I am healthy, I promise that no one will silence me and I will keep fighting the criminals that have taken hold of the country.”

Tumas Group, the company that paid for Azopardi’s five-day stay at Tel Aviv’s Hilton hotel, is owned by Yorgen Fenech, the main suspect in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination.

“Have I made mistakes in my life? Not just one or two or three – but I learnt from them,” Azzopardi continued.

“What I haven’t done however is gotten bribed, I’ve never been bought, I’ve never participated in corruption, I’ve never hung out with assassins, I’ve never organised hold-ups, I’ve never invited contract killers to my house, I’ve never had secret accounts, I’ve never consumed or trafficked drugs, and I’ve never participated in the contraband of a million cigarettes – like the Labour Party did.“

Recent reports have revealed the extent of Fenech and Tumas Group’s relationship with Malta’s top officials.

To name a few, MFSA Executive Chairman Joseph Cuschieri and MFSA official Edwina Licarii were suspended from their roles following revelations that the pair had gone on a Las Vegas trip with Fenech.

“This is what I have to say to that ex-Labour party official and Minister that organised the 2010 HSBC hold-up: I am not scared of you. I am not scared of your mafia. I am not scared of your killer friends. Not because I’m special,” Azzopardi continued.

“But because I know what’s right. I know that thieves and accomplices are meant to be behind bars, not in parliament.”

“You don’t know me. I’m a Nationalist from Raħal Ġdid. I’m proud.”

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