Joseph Muscat Uses Pastizzi Throwback To Congratulate Victorious EU Rival
joseph muscat uses pastizzi throwback to congratulate victorious eu rival - Joseph Muscat Uses Pastizzi Throwback To Congratulate Victorious EU Rival

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s dreams of becoming the next EU Council President were dashed today after European leaders chose his Belgian counterpart Charles Michel instead.

However, Muscat put on a brave face, tweeting a photo of himself, Michel and two other EU leaders at the Serkin pastizzeria back in 2017.

“When in need of a quick meal, Charles Michel will now be able to introduce Malta pastizzi to the EU Council,” Muscat tweeted.

The Maltese Prime Minister has repeatedly refused to publicly address rumours that he plans to succeed Donald Tusk at the helm of the European Council. However, his spokesperson Kurt Farrugia confirmed these plans this evening, tweeting that Muscat came “very close” to succeeding Tusk.

The Labour Party’s media station ONE claimed that France had pushed forward a list of potential EU leaders, that would have seen Muscat appointed as EU Council President, Michel Barnier as EU Commission President, Margaret Vestagher as High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Manfred Weber as European Parliament president.

“Joseph Muscat was very close to becoming EU Council President,” ONE claimed. “Had he been chosen, he would have had to resign as Prime Minister before the end of October. Now he isn’t tied down to a date of departure and can remain in the job till the next general election.”

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