Keith Schembri resigns from Labour Party

Keith Schembri has resigned from the Labour Party, the former chief of staff at the OPM said.

Schembri was for a time arrested by the police in connection with their investigations into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. In court on Thursday, police inspector Keith Arnaud said that Schembri is still under investigation. On 26 November, he had resigned from the post of OPM chief of staff, a few hours before his first arrest.


In a letter to the president of the PL, which Schembri posted on his Facebook page today, Schembri said he was taking into account the messages that have been placed on the social media, calling for his resignation.

He said he always believed in the Labour movement that was created under the leadership of Joseph Muscat, and he always believed in its principles.

“I would never like my name to be used to cause division in the Labour Party,” he wrote.

You are and remain a Labourite not simply because you are a party member, as thousands of supporters can attest.

In this light “I would like you to consider by membership in the Labour Party as terminated”.

He said he believed without reservations that the Labour movement can continue to generate and distribute wealth. He said the Labour Party had a birhgt future and will win more elections.

He pledged his continued loyalty to the PL, and will be there for the party whenever needed, he said.

Schembri said he believed the truth will emerge for everyone to see, even by those who have already “judged me on unfounded allegations”.

keith schembri resigns from labour party - Keith Schembri resigns from Labour Party

Over the past few hours, former PL secretary general Jason Micallef and later PL deputy leader Chris Cardona said that the PL should kick Schembri out.

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